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Classified Ad Posting


The days of posting classified ads in your local newspaper are fading quickly.

Our experts have spent the last few years testing various ad copies both online and in traditional print classified ads. The gulf in effectiveness has been on a steady incline and is now at the point where it is not cost effective to post your classified ad in a newspaper. The vast majority of people are using the Internet to conduct their research for everything from cars, employment, homes, to services. Searches on sites such as Craigslist can be executed at the touch of a button. Posting an ad online has never been simpler, and to truly harness the power of your online classified you need to help in the following areas:

  •     Understanding Where to Post Your Ad?
  •     Getting your ad to the top a search list
  •     Daily

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    postings of your ad to maximize results

  •     Integrating marketing efforts through websites, Facebook and classified ads