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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will a website design by Three Lions Design Studio Cost?

This is a difficult question to answer, as there is can be a great deal of difference between one client’s needs to the next. We often compare this to asking a builder how much would it cost to build a home- obviously that depends on many different factors, as is the case  with website design. With today’s modern design strategies,however, most websites can be completed at a very reasonable cost.

What is hosting and domain registration?

Think of domain registration as your business license for your website, which typically costs between $7 and $20 per year. We like to explain hosting as rental of you space on the world wide web. Not all web hosting is created equal though,so it is important to make an informed decision about your hosting choices. Please contact one of our experts to explain the differences between various hosts, and what hosting package you need for your site’s requirements  so we can steer you away from the complex and expensive hosting companies that you may run into.

How long does the process take?

Again. this is a question that will vary from website to website. The construction analogy is useful here as well; it takes a lot longer to build a 10 story apartment building than a one- bedroom rancher.  In the vast majority of cases ,we are able to finish a website from initial assessment to final deployment in about 14 business days.

Why can’t I find my site on the search engines ?

 We submit all of our design client’s websites to the major search engines, however sometimes you are searching for you site that uses highly competitive keywords.  As a check to see if you site has been indexed search ; if you find it and are not happy where it is ranking please contact one of our experts to boost your search engine ranking using our search engine optimization techniques.

I have a very complex site concept can Three Lions Design Studio build it for me?

 The answer is simple …Yes!  There is absolutely no limit to the what we can do!