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Fundamentals of Successful Marketing Campaigns

For a business to be successful the ultimate marketing goals should be identified since the inception of the company. In the competitive world today, it is practically impossible to have a successful business without strategic marketing plan. Business owners should understand the diverse marketing needs that a business must pay attention to if they want to get a reasonably large market share. Business owners, organization marketing managers and independent practitioners should understand the basics facts governing successful business marketing.  Majority of PR Companies may offer excellent marketing solutions to corporate or individual business but it may all be in vain if the management does not have a grounded knowledge of the basic marketing strategies that they may employ to enlarge their market share. In this article I will highlight the underlying guidelines to successful marketing campaigns should follow for them to realize their full potential by growing their market niche.

Concept of Market Development

I would like to equip you with the necessary skills of developing your market whether; your business is a start up or an ongoing these marketing strategies have been tried and seen to work in all kind of settings. It is important that we begin by defining marketing as a process by which the producer understands the consumer needs and creates a specific product that suits the needs of these customers. Unlike the popular belief that marketing is meant for the ready made good the concept of developing markets begins by identifying the market needs and creating a product for this market. This marketing approach helps you to create a market and sell products without incurring losses since the market is ready for these products. This also presents the most satisfying customer effect and therefore maximizes on the sales and profits.


Developing a Marketing Plan

One of the fundamentals of any successful marketing campaign is development of a solid marketing plan. Different businesses may create different kinds of marketing plans but universally the marketing plan am about to disclose here have been tried by many businesses globally and they have reported success.  The basic marketing plan contains an action plan that will be executed to market a given product. A good plan must not only increase the sales of the product but should also build or increase the brand popularity. By now you must be wondering on how you can create such a great marketing plan, the following are the steps to take when developing a successful marketing plan for your business.


Step 1) Outline your Objectives

When you are setting up the marketing plan the first step is to identify your objective and state them. If possible you should write down these objective and use the as your guide to walking down this path of successful marketing. This will help you in planning your marketing and directing your efforts in the right direction for effective utilization of the marketing resources.


Four P’s Marketing Concept 

When setting your marketing plan objectives it is necessary that you pay close attention to the 4 P’s Marketing Concept.  This concept is a perfect blend of technique and strategies. In brief the concept has the following in its design:

  • Product: This is the product that the market plan you are developing intends to market. The product should be innovative, useful and attractive to the customers. The product’s nature should be geared towards satisfying the customer’s need.
  • Price: Setting the price of a product is important in determining the success of the product in the market. You should consider the prices of the alternative in the market as well as the substitute goods. You should never over price a product else your marketing plan will fail.
  • Place: Place is a term that is used to describe the precise channel that is employed for the distribution of the product. This determines the way that a product reaches the customers.
  • Promotion: This is a collective term referring to the measures that you intend to undertake in your marketing plan to increase the popularity of your product in the market and hence increase sales and profits.

Step 2) Analysis of the Market

It is important that you should do a quick market analysis to help you understand your market and make an informed marketing decision. Your market analysis can be conducted to assess the knowledge consumers about your product. You should also analyze the points in the market that can be exploited to yield maximum marketing effects.


Step 3) Marketing Strategies Development

Develop an organized plan that you will follow for you to market your products. You should identify at this juncture the special offers that you will implement for you to market the products. You will also identify the discounts that can be implemented for you to get the best out of this market as well as beat the competition.

Step 4) Financial and Human Resources Analysis

Marketing is an intense business activity that always requires you to pull resources together to get the best results. Some of the resources are either the financial resources as well as human resources. Form time to time you should analyze both the financial and human resources to develop the best cost effective approach towards funding and maintaining your marketing plan.

Step 5) Deadlines and Marketing Time lines

You need to set the deadlines or the timelines for the marketing plan for you to be able to access the success of the marketing plan.  You should set the date for the inception and the end of the marketing plan. Despite the fact that most successful marketing plans may be perpetual, there are times that the market plan may be influence by factors like the season of the product and the cycle. You should therefore have a definite plan for marketing such a product.

Final Step – Marketing Plan Progress Analysis

It is vital that you analyze the effectiveness of the marketing plan that you have developed from time to time and it is recommended that you make the necessary measures to amend your marketing plan where necessary.

Whichever medium you choose to use for marketing your product is it imperative that you understand this underlying marketing guidelines. This will help you to get the results that are needed within the shortest time possible.

Take time to implement these measures and experience the change

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