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The Process

1. Assessment

However you decide to choose Three Lions Design Studio to be your design company, we begin by fully assessing your needs – not only in terms of design strategies, but also taking into account budgets, marketing and future maintenance.

2. Quote / Timeline / Development Proposal

Based on your assessment, we will have an accurate idea of which technologies are required to complete you new website.  At this time we put together a quote, which includes a detailed schedule of tasks and timelines to complete said tasks.  It also includes a price quote and a detailed description of technologies that will be used in your site design.

3. Design

Once we have received a signed quote / development proposal and any required deposits, we will begin the design part of the process. The process generally follows this path: mock-up design > client approval >

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framework design > client approval > content loading > testing > final approval > deployment.

4. Compatibility Testing / Beta Testing

The scope of your design project will dictate the level of testing that will be required, however all sites are browser and mobile device tested to ensure accurate displays across the largest number of access devices and browsers.  In the large-scale database driven sites such as Ecommerce and CMS, beta testing will occur and will cover all areas of the design project.

5. Deployment

Once the client has signed off on the project  and all testing is complete the site is deployed and submitted to the search engines for rapid indexing.  The whole process can be done in a surprisingly short period of time using modern design strategies and team site building strategies.