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Web Design 101

In the recent times web design has become a very important part of growing business around the world. It is now obvious that internet is a multi billion industry.  With the trend of more and more people joining the internet industry web design services are inevitable since Websites are the focal point of the internet industry.  It is important that you understand why web design is becoming a popular service and how you can benefit from professional web design services. This article will highlight the all the basic truths about web design and how web design has evolved to be what it is today. Take a few minutes to understand all facts about web design here.

What is Web Design?

Web design is a process that involves making use of a number of web technology to script or create a website that may be a product of two or more web technologies used together to act synergistically. To expound on this abstract definition, web design entails application of web programming languages to create interactive platforms that can be used to rely information and for people to communicate. Web design technologies are diverse in creating but they all serve one purpose of building websites.

Web Technologies used in Web Design

There are many web technologies that are used to create websites but the basic web technology is HTML. This is a programming language that has evolved since its inception in early 90’s where scientist used it a medium of transferring information.

The evolution of this language gave birth to endless creation that are better in use and creation. In the past website were static in nature and the content could not be easily published, edited and deleted without having the necessary web programming skills.

Other technologies that work with HTML include; Cascading Style Sheets, JavaScript, XML, Php, ASP and Databases like SQL. These technologies can be used together in web design to create powerful websites that have numerous pages

Today the creation of software that is user friendly the task has become easier. There is numerous software that are useful for creating more dynamic websites. Web designers are making use of this software to create websites that are amazingly beautiful and have sophisticated complexities in their functions.

These web technologies are utilized by web design firms to create custom designs that fit the needs of their clients.

Why Create a Website for a Business

There are many reasons why you should get a website for your business

  • Websites are a great way that businesses can advertise their services and increase their online presence.
  • A website allows your business or company to be available to potential clients around the world for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year unlike normal businesses.
  • Improved the customer relationship and services delivery to your customer and acquisition of new customers.
  • Job applications and announcements can be carried in the website without incurring the costs of advertisement.
  • Income can be generated through direct sales on the website of the company or though revenue accrued from advertisements.
  • Products descriptions. Product pictures and demonstrations can be carried on the website and therefore help the customers to make an informed decision about the purchase of the products that are offered in your business.
  • Information about the history of the company, business or organization can be relied to the public and news disseminated through Press Releases without incurring an additional cost. .


Content Management Systems

Content management system is software that helps to create websites that are dynamic and can be updated easily without having to learn the web programming languages. The need for CMS can due to the nature of the static websites that were very hard to update unless someone understood HTML or other Web programming languages.

Content Management systems can either be commercial or open source. The open source CMS have been the most progressive content management system since there is a large community that supports and offers help to the public freely.

Besides the open source CMS being free their updates are easy and absolutely free. They are also released on General License and they are therefore available for public use.

Some of the most popular CMS include

  • Joomla
  • WordPress
  • Drupal

Before you decide on the best CMS for your needs you should discuss with your web designer and let them know your needs. Most web designers are equipped with the skills of using all these software to create websites. Different client’s needs may call for different Content Management systems.

If you are not comfortable using these content management systems for your website, you can ask your developer to create for you a custom CMS. It is however important that you use one of the popular CMS software like WordPress since you will not have to spend too much money on development and your site’s functionality can be tweaked and changed anytime with the help of plug ins that are readily and freely available.

Web Design Process

  • Identify the Need

For you to get the best out of web design services you need to identify the need for the service and the kind of website that could be ideal for your business needs. There is variety to choose from and this should help you make the choice that suits your business if you know your specific needs.

  • Get a Quote

You should get a quote for your business web design since this will be the indicator of the budget that you should set aside for this project. Most design company will give you a free quote on any of the projects that you wish them to undertake. You should contact them and ask them about their pricing for the particular project that you have in mind.

  • Graphic Design

Majority of the web design expert will also offer graphic design for the website graphics. You should ask them when you are getting the quote of the project. The graphic design work may involve creation of a Logo, banners, advertisement and specific website graphics.

  • Web Design

Web design will be the ultimate process of creating your website according to your specifications. As you are going to see web design may vary depending with the clients needs. You should therefore make the right choice of the colors, layout and theme of your website for you to get the best results from your designer.

After the website is complete you should consider developing the content for your website and looking for the best way that you can adopt the necessary measures for search engine optimization.

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