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Why Businesses should Use WordPress Custom Designs

WordPress is certainly the most popular blogging platform of our times and it seems to be growing bigger and bigger each day.  One of the most interesting facts about WordPress is its great features and flexibility for use in a wide range of areas. Many business startups have successfully gone to high heights with WordPress.  In this article I will highlight the reasons why you should use WordPress

Why Use WordPress

Making the right choice on the kind of content management system to use for your website may be a tall order if you do not understand how each of the CMS software works. Both web designers and entrepreneurs alike make use of WordPress in their projects due its outstanding features. I would like to mention some of the most useful features that you can utilize when using WordPress as a content management system. These are the reasons why you should use WordPress

  • WordPress is free software that has the largest community that is always willing to help with ideas, expertise and insights.  There is a very extensive documentation about WordPress and it’s very easy to learn and utilize.
  • Availability of numerous free plug-in unlike many other Content Management Systems. Majority of plug-ins are free and have numerous plug-in to increase their functionality.
  • WordPress structure has the most organized on page Search Engine Optimization. This makes WordPress sites very easy to implement any search engine optimization strategies.
  • WordPress is consistently undergoing upgrades an improvements to make it more complex in functionality and improved user experience.
  • The reasonably low cost of set up could also be a key factor in choosing to use WordPress.
  • Social Media interactivity also makes WordPress stand out as an exceptional platform to create an online community.
  • WordPress is a platform that is easy to use everyone. WordPress has a very easy learning curve that everyone can understand and start using it to publish content and blog.

Why use WordPress as a Content Management System

WordPress is a good Content management solution that is not only free but very useful for all kinds of uses. WordPress runs on Mysql database and proves to be one of the most powerful content management systems. Using WordPress as a content management system can be possible due to these reasons:

  • Easy Content Publishing 

WordPress provides a very easy platform to create, edit, publish and delete post adding categories and tags for better search engine optimization. Your post headers automatically become H1 tags and the on page search engine optimization is very easy with WordPress due to its organized structure.

  • Ability to use Custom URLs

WordPress provides the users with the ability to set their URL to a custom structure in the admin settings. This increases the relevance of the URL to the search engines and further allows the users to customize the URL inserting the relevant Keywords.

  • WordPress Unlimited Free Plug-ins and Themes   

Putting keywords in your URL increases relevance in search engines WordPress allows customization of URLs, therefore allowing one to choose the influential key words.

  • Affordable Content Management System

WordPress offers a wide range of plug-ins and themes that are free to use and customize. It makes it very easy for designer and developers to make use of WordPress to create tailor made custom websites. The fact that WordPress is free software makes it very affordable to create custom CMS websites that fit client’s needs.

Ways Businesses can Building WordPress Custom Websites

WordPress is used for designs websites that require regular updates. The function of WordPress that allows designers to create custom pages in themes makes it easy for designers to make custom websites with WordPress.

WordPress Affordable Option for Business Startups

Many business startups are challenged on how to market their business online since they may have to pay exorbitant fees to specialty firms and the chances of failure may be gapping wide. While all these risks stand in the way of establishing businesses start up.

A WordPress custom design can be the only way to save on huge cost since you not only get the value for your money but the best solution in the market. In the recent times WordPress has grown wide and has now encompassed the elusive ecommerce niche.

There are more themes today in the market that support building a WordPress ecommerce site. Premium business themes may only cost a few dollars but will save you the agony of wasting time thinking on how to create an ecommerce WordPress website.

WordPress as a Corporate Blogging Platform

WordPress creates the best blogging platforms that many corporate utilize as their blogging platform. WordPress is a good way that corporate can create and increase their brand popularity through blogging.

The blogs can be used together with the social media platforms to achieve a wide range of objectives for the company.

It may be important to note that WordPress site can be create and the forum and blog function incorporate with much ease that any other blogging platforms. Ideally WordPress is blogging platform that allows for creating of both static and blog pages via the administration panel.

The beauty of using WordPress revolves its search engine friendliness, the ease of learning how to update and post as well as the user friendly user interface that represent WordPress as the most efficient and easy to learn blogging platform.

WordPress as a Local Business Mobile Website Solution

Nothing makes local business a great success like augmenting the offline marketing with a well established online presence. Majority of local businesses under utilize the potential that lies in adopting online marketing strategies.

According to the recent studies on the impact that mobile marketing, when used as a marketing tool for local businesses, there is absolutely no doubt that mobile marketing is a very popular way that local businesses are adopting to market their businesses. The challenge that many local businesses face, involves a website that that is not mobile friendly.

It is now easier to convert a WordPress website into a mobile website. Mobile websites will continue to grow into the future and WordPress will provide more mobile friendly websites in the future than ever.

Using WordPress as a Portfolio

For designers, writers, photographers, companies that deliver services, chefs, web designers and all the entire service industry nothing appeals to your clientele than a well organized portfolio. You can create a great looking portfolio with WordPress when you utilize the great options that you have using the plug ins, custom options and the gallery options and plug ins that are not freely available in all other content management systems.

With all these reasons WordPress stands out as the best way that many businesses can utilize to increase their web presences and consequently the amount of the sales that their businesses generate. Its time you though about having a WordPress site or converting your old fashioned static site to a dynamic easy to update custom WordPress site.

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